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One-Piece Hull ( Lacing )

Cut 1/2inch slits every 2 - 3 inches along the gunwale overhang created in step 2. These will be used for the temporary lacing.  Cut the slits starting at the center and work to within a foot of the stems initially. A Stanley razor knife is ideal for this purpose.

A second method ( preferred) is to use a hole punch to cut holes in the PVC every 2 - 3 inches. Lace the skin with nylon cord. Hole Punch / Lacing. Use the (BACK) key to return.

Tie 1/8 or smaller nylon /polyester cord to the center of the PVC overhang near the coaming area. Sear the ends of the cord to prevent unraveling.

Use an 8 - 10 foot section of cord and  lace a cris-cross pattern along the gunwales. Lacing is done from one side to the next, alternating back and forth as opposed to lacing from both sides as is done while lacing up a shoe. If the lacing has a small enough diameter, use an upholstery needle to perform the lacing.

Lace the skin loosely working towards the bow. Tie additional cord to the original as you proceed. If the cord section is too long, it will be difficult to work with.

Tighten the lacing every couple of feet to keep it snug.   Lace to within 1 foot of the bow before tying off the cord. Repeat the process at the stern.

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