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The pics above illustrate the process for converting the existing Sea Rider section 4 to a rounded masik shape. The rounded shape is created by using an R/C nylon pushrod. A new Masik made from offsets follows the same procedure for making a rounded top. Steps 1 thru 5 are explained below and steps 6 thru 8 on the next page.

1. Sea Rider Cross section 4 with R/C pushrod and marker pen.
2. Use the original cross section as a template for drilling and tracing onto a new section of HDPE.
3. Holes drilled and section traced out on HDPE.
4. Insert 3/4" tubes into drilled out gunwales. Drill small holes to hold nails or rivets that will keep flexible rod in place. Bend pushrod to desired shape and height and trace outline of Masik top.
5. New "Masik" shaped cross section 4.