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Aluminum and HDPE require no finishing so maintenance is limited to cleaning, polishing and lubrication.

Aluminum Tubing Maintenance

Cleaning - Wipe down the tubes with fresh water periodically. When used in a salt water environment, disassemble the frame every couple of weeks, wipe down the tubes / insets and rinse the inside of the tubes.

Lubrication - The inserts should be lubricated when the tubes are cleaned. Boeshield T-9 provides excellent corrosion resistance. Teflon Super Lube can also be used for this purpose.

Polishing - 6063 -T832 tubing has a polished finish and may not require restoring. 6061-T6 tubing has a dull finish and will become discolored over time. To restore the finish, MAAS metal polish is applied with a cloth.

Read the instructions for the above products before using.

HDPE Maintenance

HDPE maintenance is limited to wiping down the plastic periodically to remove dirt and grime. If a cutout becomes loose, a small section of HDPE can be drilled and screwed over the existing cutout. The next page describes this simple process in more detail.