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The non-traditional paddle construction method described in this section relies heavily on a band saw to remove most of the wood from a cedar or redwood 2 X 4 ( 1.5" X 3.5"), and follows-up with a palm sander to perform all final shaping and sanding. A block plane or other shaping tools can also be used .

The numbered collage above illustrates the basic elements in this simplified paddle construction method.

1. A bandsaw is used to cut out the paddle blank.

2. The remnants of the 2 X 4 after the bandsaw has done it's job.

3. The completed paddle blank.

4. A palm sander is used to shape and sand the paddle blank.

5. The completed paddle is finished with Danish oil.

In the following pages, construction of a Greenland paddle, a modified Aleut take-apart paddle, and an ABS travel case will be discussed.